Wine Glass Base
Wine Lovers - Slip on Wine Glass Bases (set of 4)
Wine Glass Base

Wine Lovers - Slip on Wine Glass Bases (set of 4)



This clever little product is perfect for the great outdoors and great Australian Summer. Cleverly designed wine glass bases to save your wine from spilling and lets everyone knows which glass is theirs. This cute little pack contains 4 wine glasses bases in 4 different colours. 

Slip-on bases that transform your wine glass. Perfect for picnics, BBQs, festivals and outdoor events. And when the weather turns chilly use them watching Netflix on the sofa.  With one of these bases, you can put your glass down almost anywhere and you also know which glass is yours. Life’s too short to spill wine indoors and out!

Will they fit my wine glass?
They are designed to slip onto the base of most standard wine glass. They are not designed for glasses with very small bases or thick stems or glasses that are especially tall. It is important that you follow instructions when putting it on your glass to ensure glass sits flat inside the wine coaster base.

Smart Packaging
As strong advocates of reducing waste Glass on the Grass ™ comes in a reusable bag, perfect for storing and transporting them. When not in use keep out of direct sunlight to reduce colour fading, which may happen over time.

Wash in warm water using dishwashing liquid.

Designed & Made in Australia



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